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XD-S™ Voluntary Safety Recall RE-Act

Dear Valued Springfield Customers,

On behalf of Springfield Armory®, I would like to thank you all for your support and patience during this recall process. We understand how important your XD-S® pistol is to you and we are working tirelessly to return them to you as soon as we can. We appreciate all of our customers, and especially thank those of you who have taken the time to express your continued confidence in Springfield Armory®. Listed below are just a sample of those much-appreciated sentiments.


Dennis Reese, Co-Chairman
Springfield Armory

Customers React to the XD-S Recall -

"Springfield was good to their word. My pistol looks good as new. Areas which had a little wear showed no wear on return. It needed to be shot a little to reestablish confidence in it, so I took it to the range. My .45 XD-S is back in my carry rotation and I'm a happy camper." - Eric

"I just wanted to say thank you all for the manner in which you handled the recall of the XDS. I did not consider this recall an inconvenience as you provided free shipping and return to fix an issue that never came up with my XDS and you did it voluntarily. This makes me think that if I look up Customer Service in the Dictionary the definition appears as: SPRINGFIELD ARMORY!" - George A

"Just received my gun back and would like to thank all the customer service people that I have spoken to. All were very nice and professional. Also, thank you for making my gun safer and the extended mag." - Robert F

"Just received back my xds 45. that was sent for recall and repair. After firing 100 rounds this afternoon I was absolutely amazed with its performance. Not a problem round, smooth and perhaps more accurate than before. Thanks again for classic workmanship, a lost art these days." - MJG

"I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one at Springfield Armory for the professional and quick handling of the recall. I received my firearm in the mail and, to my surprise and on top of the already exceeding expectations of the ordeal, my pistol was clean, came with plenty of documentation and even a new magazine and magazine extension. This was icing on the cake. It blew me away how well this was executed and the thoughtfulness that went into satisfying your customers." - Matthew Z.

"Today I received my upgraded XDS-9MM. It came back to me the same way I sent it to you, in excellent condition. I would just like to say that Springfield Armory was a #1 company throughout this whole recall process. Thank you!" - Robert O.

"I received my upgraded XDs two weeks ago, and have put over 200 flawless rounds through it. The trigger feels great, and I'm happy to have it back where it belongs: on my belt! You have a customer for life! Keep up the good work!" - Duane J.